Friday, April 16, 2010

April 2010

We went to Yuma during the month of March. We stayed the entire month in a park model home in Araby Acres which is a 55+ park in Yuma. It is also the park where Judy's Dad & Pat reside duriong the winter. It was a great experience which we hope to enjoy even more once we retire. I did not even get real bored while we were there. There is so much a person can do. I even went to Mexico while we were there it was not scary, but rather depressing. Some of us here in the states take what we have for granted untill we visit a foreign country. The border towns are really indictive of the country as a whole but it does give you a somewhat askewed look. But all in all the whole experience of spending the most consecutive days with my wife alone was great. We have never done this in our entire 37 year marriage. What with life going on, you know raising kids, military career and now the postal career so it was really relaxing. Well have a great day. Must spend time planning the next vacation. LOl

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  1. im really glad you had a great time, adn that you got to spend so much time with Mom, something that doesnt happen more than two days at a time.. so yay!